The Computer Guide  ( DOS )

by Jerry Kime

  The Computer Guide is best way to get started with your computer.  This straight forward book is written in plain English for all to understand.  If you or someone you know is just starting out with computers, this is the right way.  The Computer Guide takes you by the hand and leads you through the most difficult times.  It explains every new word.  It has a glossary and a quick reference guide for all the commands covered in the book.  You will be instructed with step by step information that leaves you in charge not in the dark.  This book will give you all you need to succeed in understanding how to make your computer work for you.  The Computer Guide will take you through the maze of information and teach you how to set up your computer, and you will know why.  From format to writing programs,  The Computer Guide leads the way.  This work written before Windows 95, gives you the foundation, that all the experts rely on.   

112pp               $11.95

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