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Celebrating 52 years of Book Publishing!

Hope and Allen Publishing is a publisher of unique "how to" books, distinctive poetry
and exceptional cookbooks.   Illustrated with original works of art, each book is
attentively printed and bound,  keeping the content, use and reader in mind.
 Hope and Allen books are a must addition for the library of anyone
 who enjoys "do-it-yourself", learning new skills or just plain reading.
They make great gifts--for yourself, a loved one or a friend.

Shipping Outside US is $28.00 

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                                                                                                   P.O. Box 926   Grants Pass, OR 97528          (541)-479-5630                                        Shipping Ouside US  $28.00                

                               Ropes Rescue Notes I cover              Ropes Rescue Notes II cover              P R S T cover    card                      RTWFF cover                              RTWFF II

                               Rope Rescue Notes I             Ropes Rescue Notes II           Personal Rope Safety Techniques and Card                 Radios That Work For Free           Radios That Work For Free II

                            Dirt cover                          L & D cover                               CG cover                                      echoes cover                                 ATW cover
                                        Dirt                                 Labor and Delivery                            The Computer Guide                                             Echoes                                       Along The Way

                       RFKS cover                   HCB cover                     RLB cover                             PLB cover                               MEC cover

                      Requiems From Kedith Street                  Helen's Cook Book                             Radio Log Book                          Prospectors Log Book                           Margarita's Cook Book


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